Stop your files falling into the wrong hands

What is TwoCrypt?

TwoCrypt is easy to use encryption software that allows you to securely share files with your work colleagues, friends or family members.

How does TwoCrypt work?

As easy as 1-2-3!

1. Login

Login to TwoCrypt using a high security USB key.

2. Group

Invite your work colleagues, friends or family members to join groups.

3. Share

Share a folder with your group, or send files to each other using TwoCrypt.

Where can TwoCrypt be used?

Whether it’s personal files, confidential business documents or a large scale global project involving multiple organisations, TwoCrypt can be used everywhere.

Files are secured both online and offline, in sent emails, on cloud platforms, on laptops, at home, and across multiple networks and different domains. 

TwoCrypt Highlights


TwoCrypt uses a highly secure FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified USB Token together with RSA 2048 encryption, to protect you and your valuable data.


TwoCrypt adds high levels of security to your existing systems without any need to change the way you work.


TwoCrypt requires no technical knowledge, lowering training and support costs and enabling users to do the right thing.


TwoCrypt works for individuals, teams, projects or businesses of any size including those with SAP.

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